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Furskins – a cabbage patch friend

Published December 12, 2012 by autumnmiss61

whilst rootling through ebay the other day for cpks and clothes i came across these gorgeous babies.  They are called Furskins and were made by the makers of the Cabbage patch kids in the early 80’s.  There seem to be differing sizes in these too.

The first one i bought is this chap


I paid £1.85 for him and i think he’s great. he has lost his top, shoes and hat along his lifes journey but retains his trousers to protect his furry modesty. He is 22 inches tall and very soft.

Then i saw these two critters for sale together.


The large one measures 14 inches and has a great shirt, dungarees and wonderful heavy rubber boots with real laces. It gives him a kind of beany effect of being bottom heavy.

The little fella with him was i presume given away or sold as part of a meal deal by Wendy’ Hamburger chain. he has his label to prove it and an all in one outfit with tiny boots.

I wouldnt have bought the small one but they came as a package and the two of them only cost me 99p. How could i refuse.

I have my eye on a baby version now complete with dummy.

Watch this space