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Cuddly friends

Published November 13, 2011 by autumnmiss61

I went back to the bootfair this morning to see if i could ‘rescue’ some more darling cabbage patches.  Sadly there was not one to be found anywhere, i was so hoping the lady who i bought my first one from last week would be there, i so regret not buying all she had then.

However, i got a bit carried away after i saw some gorgeous Ty Beanie Kids

How could i ignore their sweet little faces?  I got the 4 of them for £2 which i thought wasnt bad at all.

Next i came across some Russ Berrie bears

And finally as i was thinking of going home I saw some Ty Little Attic Treasures

I think i will need a new house soon so had better not go to next weeks bootfair just in case.