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I’m a cabbage patch newbie

Published November 10, 2011 by autumnmiss61

I became introduced to cabbage patch dolls last Sunday (6th November) when i was wandering around a local bootfair and came across a stall selling 4 of them.  I have no idea why they grabbed my attention like they did but i suddenly found myself asking about them then buying two of them.

When i got home i did some research and found that one of the dolls was not a CPK at all which was annoying and the other one has the Xavier Roberts signature in black on the RIGHT bottom cheek instead of the more common left cheek.  I have searched the net but cant find if this means its a fake of some kind or a rarity (more likely a fake i would imagine)

It also has a label stating its made by Play Along Toys and the latest date is 2004.

Along with the signature being on the wrong side the head mold details are slightly missing due to the holes for the hair cutting them off which also makes me feel like she may be a fake.

Having done such a lot of research on them has made me become something of an addict about them to the extent that i have bought a Jesmar doll from ebay and have 4 more auction bids in too.  I still want to find them at bootfairs though, that is the biggest buzz i can imagine.  I wish i had bought all four of them last week now.  Who knows, maybe they might be there next week.

If anyone has heard of these things before then please drop me a line at