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Pretty crimp n curl … After

Published February 7, 2012 by autumnmiss61

I am really pleased with how she has scrubbed up.  She had a thorough soaking and scrub, her hair was washed, her face gently cleaned and her new dress was given a wash too. Now i reckon she looks a right picture.




Pretty Crimp ‘n’ Curl – Before…

Published February 3, 2012 by autumnmiss61

This little lady is in bad need of tlc. She is in a terrible condition. As she is a crimp n curl by Hasbro, dated 1991 her hair is waxed for making styling easy, so i dont know how easy cleaning it is going to be. I will try with some mild detergent, i dont want to strip the wax but it is so knotted and dirty i cant avoid it.  Think she will take a bit of work but she has no major damage.

Ill add an ‘after’ pic when she is done