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cabbage patch twins – Ellie & Jasmine

Published February 8, 2012 by autumnmiss61

These newborns which are about 3 inches smaller than an average cabbage patch doll look lovely in their new dresses. Ellie is the one with the straight tuft of hair and Jasmine with the curly.

I think they make a great pair of twins and have a mischevious look in their eyes.

They both date from the 90’s and have been looked after really well compared to some ive bought.


Pretty crimp n curl … After

Published February 7, 2012 by autumnmiss61

I am really pleased with how she has scrubbed up.  She had a thorough soaking and scrub, her hair was washed, her face gently cleaned and her new dress was given a wash too. Now i reckon she looks a right picture.



Pretty Crimp ‘n’ Curl – Before…

Published February 3, 2012 by autumnmiss61

This little lady is in bad need of tlc. She is in a terrible condition. As she is a crimp n curl by Hasbro, dated 1991 her hair is waxed for making styling easy, so i dont know how easy cleaning it is going to be. I will try with some mild detergent, i dont want to strip the wax but it is so knotted and dirty i cant avoid it.  Think she will take a bit of work but she has no major damage.

Ill add an ‘after’ pic when she is done

New adoption pics

Published February 3, 2012 by autumnmiss61

These 3 dolls are all approx 12″ tall, 2 of them have Mattel’s First Edition on the back of the head, the 3rd just has Mattel. They have sigs on their bottoms but the twins have different colour sigs which cant be right if they are both 1995 can it?

I feel the one with just Mattel does not look like a cabbage patch up close. Wondering if she is a copy.