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More adoptees on their way

Published January 28, 2012 by autumnmiss61

I have now bought a total of 4 little ladies from eBay plus some undies and an outfit. 3 of them are naked though so have also foolishly bought a Butterick pattern to make clothes for them.  Now I have in the past made rag dolls and clothes for them which came out okay but i am not very good with anything too fancy these days as i lack the patience to try to understand the pattern and even to see it without getting new glasses.

Ill continue to search eBay for cheap clothes before i begin down the homemade route.


Another lovely lady adopted

Published January 26, 2012 by autumnmiss61

I’ve just this minute won an auction on eBay for a sweet faced little lady.  She is in great need of clothing though so if anyone knows of a good source of cabbage patch doll clothes id be grateful to find it.  There just isnt any to be had unless you want to pay a kings ransom for them.

I am hoping she will arrive here soon so i can begin the washing and brushing up process and introduce her to Lizzie who will be thrilled to have someone to play with.