Lizzie the Pre-Raphaelite cabbage patch doll?

Published November 15, 2011 by autumnmiss61

I have spent part of today giving my earliest doll some much needed tlc.  She has had a face wash, hair wash and body wipe over, i gave her clothes a soak in stain remover then hand washed them in gentle detergent.

One of the 2 outfits she came in, the green zip top and skirt is a little worn now and so i found that the 2nd outfit which look like pyjamas to me fits her much better and to top it off i have given her a lovely pink towelling dressing gown and cute white rabbit slippers.

The gown and slippers are courtesy of a Build a Bear rabbit i bought recently. The clothes are roughly the same size as cabbage patch which works well as they are freely available and not too costly.

I am seriously thinking of keeping her as she is so lovely, she is called Lizzie after Lizzie Siddall, the Pre-Raphaelite model, artist and muse of many men.

Don’t you think she looks cosy?


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